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Liposuction (lipsculpture, lipoplasty) procedure in Orange County, CA

The terms liposuction, liposculpture and lipoplasty are all the same and are interchangeable, as they all mean handling of the body fat by removing fat and if needed place it in other part of the body that may be cosmetically deficient with a minimally invasive technique.

Removing, reshaping and transferring body fat for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes has been around for decades. The introduction a technique called Tumescent Anesthesia has made such procedure the safest and most popular cosmetic surgery procedure all over the world. Utilization of such technique has made it possible to have liposuction virtually under local anesthesia with no pain or bleeding and excellent recovery. Thus, the number of liposuction procedures have significantly increased in recent year.

In general, reshaping of body contour from an unattractive, curves to a more attractive and youthful appearance is the main goal of liposuction. It is now possible to safely remove large amount of fat from unwanted areas and reintroduce it in other areas to achieve that attractive, youthful look.

The process of removing fat and reinjecting it into other areas is called Fat Transfer. Fat transfer can be done both for the body, face and extremities such at hands etc. one of the most popular fat transfer these day is call Brazilian butt lift. The procedure is simply removing fat from, for example, waist and abdomen and injecting it into buttocks for more youthful and attractive look.

Other lipsuction procedures such at fat transfer to face and extremities are also very popular, although not much heard about. It is a good procedure for rejuvenation of hands, lips, brows, chick, jaw lines.

Fat transfer to breast as a way of augmentation has also been recently become popular. Although it has its limitation, but it is an alternative to breast implant for mild breast augmentation.

How is it done?

The procedure is usually performed as an office based or same day surgery fashion. There is no need for hospital or hospitalization. It involves administration of the special anesthetic solution (Tumescent Solution) in the area of interest for fat removal (mostly done under very light sedation). After adequate anesthesia, few very small skin punctures are made (less than thickness of a thin pen or pencil). Then, using a blunt device called cannula the fat is sucked out of the area. The skin punctures are so small that there no need to close them. There is no need for any drain placement. After the procedure the area is covered with a proper tight garment that the patient wears for about two weeks. The patient goes home the same day and there is no need for hospital stay. It is as simple as that!

Recovery time is quick. Depending on the amount and the areas of fat removal or fat transfer, some bruising is expected. The patient can be active the same day by walking and moving around the house. This help remove some of the fluid under the skin and helps with quicker recovery. The drainage of the fluid usually stops after about 48 hours. The patient can resume normal activity in few days

Who are the candidates for and fat transfer?

The more desirable candidates to obtain optimal result after liposuction are patients who have not lost tremendous amount of weight, have minimal loose or hanging skin, have their weight under control, are female and somewhat active, but have moderate superficial fat deposit in areas of hip, waist, abdomen that is exercise and diet resistant.

If the patient is a candidate for tummy tuck due to loose skin, and abdominal muscle separation due to pregnancy, usually they are not good candidate for liposuction. In addition, most male with bulging abdomen have their fat inside the abdomen and not amenable to liposuction or any other procedure except weight loss by various means.

In summary, liposuction is a safe, effective, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for rejuvenation of body and face that can help the right candidate achieve her or his desired attractive and youthful look and feel as good too.

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