The next generation Retractor/Aspirator Instruments

Designed by H. Hajarian, MD, DDS

The new generation of retractor/aspirator are designed and patented by Dr. Hajarian MD, DDS and his team of engineers and manufacturers, to facilitate small visual field operation with ease and eliminate the need for additional suction devices while retracting and operating.

The surgical Pano-Vac instruments have combined retraction and aspiration with a unique design that works in tight spaces in cosmetic and plastic, general, orthopedic, or gynecological surgery.

In cosmetic surgery, for example areolar, axillary, or Inframammary approach are made tremendously less frustrating with simultaneous suction and retraction while using for example electrosurgical unit creating smoke, or simply suctioning the fluid or blood in the field without obstruction or impediment or repeated intermittent halt of the surgery.

The patented Pano-Vac tip is design to effectively eliminate the obstruction due to the extended lip preventing tissue suction into the device.

In addition, due to multiple and multi angled holes, if any hole is obstructed, the others are free to remove the fluid or smoke from the field without any need for the second bulky suction instruments.

The fiber optic option is always available and can be added on as special order.

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