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Do I need a mini, modified or full tummy tuck?

They all depend on the extent of how much loose and redundant skin and where the loose skin is on the abdomen. In general, when there is some loose or redundant skin in the abdominal area, a regular tummy tuck might as well address the problem and more. But due to the extensive de-gloving of the skin and the fact that upper part of the abdomen may be without any loose skin, muscle, or extra fat, then other more conservative modality of treatment may be appropriate. Thus, a modified tummy tuck is almost like a regular tummy tuck but the belly button is not cut and repositioned, it is just repositioned inside and not cut for the skin attachment. The mini tummy tuck only addresses the problem below the belly button and the belly button is not touched at all. The dissection is limited so is the amount of skin tightening and incision. It is reserved for only those cases where the upper abdomen is tight and no muscle tightening is needed and only the lower part needs tightening. It is also the desire of the patient, sometimes they chose mini tummy tuck knowing in advance that the result although satisfactory but may not be as good as full tummy tuck.

Obviously the recovery time is much shorted in mini and modified vs full tummy tuck. Thus if one combines mini tummy tuck and some liposuction of the surrounding area it may as well be an excellent choice for a many patients.

A consultation with Dr. Hajarian will determine what type of Tummy Tuck you need. If you are interested in a Tummy Tuck surgery, please call our office at 714-751-1341 or schedule a free one-on-one consultation with Dr. Hajarian, to explore your options and see which is best for YOU

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